1. Let your failures free you so that you may succeed

    Michael Rogers just won his first Tour de France stage. It is his tenth TdF.

    His post race interview:

    The main thing to take away from this is that Dodger attributes his recent successes - he also won two stages in this years Giro - to a mental shift more than anything.

    Opportunities seem clearer to me now. I’m not scared of the outcome anymore, whereas, previously, I was scared to try something because I was already scared of failure.

    But once you believe in [yourself] and aren’t scared of the outcome things become a lot clearer and opportunities arise.

    The paralysis brought on by a fear of failure is far worse than failure.

    As soon as you fail, that failure is gone and you are now free to try the next thing.

    But if the paralysis stays you aren’t free to do any thing.

    Another quote, this time from François de La Rochefoucauld:

    We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.

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  3. themostinterestingthing:

    The most interesting thing I’ve found this week is a true story about a bear called Wojtek that was enlisted by the Polish 22nd Transport Artillery Supply Company in WWII.


    They found him when posted in Iran. A kid had him, as a baby bear, in a sack. But Wojtek was not in the greatest shape,…

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  5. Know thyself

    There is a veritable shit storm brewing in the comments section of Mumbrella over these ads: mumbrella.com.au/myplates-encourage-women-man-proof-cars-le-chic-range-plates-238867

    Comments include:

    WOW.. Fart jokes and nose-picking. These are puerile and un-funny beyond words.

    And yeah, all Women are so shallow and dumb that they worship shoes enough to put them on their license plates…

    This has hit the jackpot of insulting Men & Women! Good Job….



    Tired, lacks innovation, another dud campaign from people with no ideas.

    Purile crap

    this (apparently ‘class conscious’ is a euphemism for ‘elitist bitch’ now)

    I agree that these ads are totally disgusting. It offends me a great deal.

    I’m assuming the ad. is targeting a certain ‘group’ of people. I hope that ‘group’ have enough money to pay for the plates. Yes, I’m being class conscious. Sue me.

    Wonderful for children to see. Sets a great example………….NOT!!!

    and more like this:

    How utterly disgusting! Is it any wonder we are condoning a youth with NO morals or decorum!! These ads are crass and vulgar! Distasteful and offensive.

    There were some dissenting voices, thankfully:

    Like ‘em.
    Saw the fart one on TV the other night with the missus next to me on the couch, and we both cracked up.
    Almost a “stoner ad”. Well done.

    (Good God you people can get offended about anything.)


    Two questions to ask – would a certain type of women now consider a vanity plate because they saw this ad ?


    Would a certain type of guy think the ads are funny and My Plates might have something for him ? Yes

    Advertising that looks to appeal to everyone is fucking boring as a result.

    then finally

    myself and every woman I know would fart in her own car if they were alone. Or even with friends :-)
    We’re not all precious little princesses whose farts sound like Mozart and smell like roses, sorry, I think your mum and dad lied to you…
    And my only objection to the nose picking ad is that way too much time is taken up showing us what came out of the nose – that was 5 seconds wasted!

    Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t believe the hysteria over these. It’s a joke.

    Maybe I get the criticism from Joe Public - “They’re gross. It doesn’t appeal to me" - but the criticism from within AdLand, trolling aside, is harder to fathom.

    Here is the insight that these guys seem to have missed: The target audience, the kind of people that are likely to want to customise their car with pink number plates, like fart and booger jokes.

    These type of people:



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  9. Apocryphal, but great.

    Edit: Actually, having just spent a little time thinking about this (30 seconds since posting it), I’m not so sure.

    I’m pretty sure the logo wasn’t the first thing Jobs did. I don’t think he went “I’ve got a great logo, now I just need to come up with a product. What will it be?”

    So, maybe it didn’t all start with a Sharpie.

    Am I taking this too literally?

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  11. karenhurley:

    Air Georgian: Proud supporter of the Air Canada Foundation golf tournament.

    Advertising Agency: 5th business, Mississauga, Canada Via

    Very, very good.

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  13. Because… no reason.

    From the good people at W+K London

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  15. Nice idea. But I’m not sure what it’s for.

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    These are great 

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  19. Unleash your Smith

    Nice ad for Dick Smith Electronics. The follow through on the execution is really great though with some pretty good branded content: http://www.dicksmith.com.au/unleash-your-smith

    Look out for the guy that built his own Segway.


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