1. Where can I put in an order for clients with this brand of balls?


    Blah blah blah

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  3. karenhurley:


    in case people have never seen this piece of quality advertising

    here we have the new zealand accent in it’s natural habitat

    eating some ghost chups, bru

    I wonder if this ad appeals anyone other than kiwi’s

    It appeals to Aussies Karen. It appeals to Aussies.

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  5. Us Airways: A little perspective

    I’m sure you’re all aware of the US Airways Twitter debacle by now.

    If not, you can read about it on Vice here: vice.com/en_au/read/us-airways-tweeted-porn

    I think this is great for agencies. You should all do what I just did: Print a copy out and carry it with you everywhere. When people are all “What a disaster, we fucked up” then you can hold it up and say “Could have been worse.”

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  7. Food, Glorious Food

    Holy shit this is good.

    0:22 is absolute killer. It reminds of that quote by some guy about finding inspiration by looking at things differently.


    Nice way for Lurpak to get around the problem of devaluing their other products when launching a new one.

    Lurpak Cook’s Range - Adventure Awaits (by Lurpak Butter)

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  9. Procrastination isn’t all bad

    I had a philosophy professor once say to our class that it’s better to masturbate than procrastinate. I asked him: What if you procrastinate by masturbating?

    He was a very intelligent man, but even he couldn’t answer that one.

    We’re all meant to feel guilty about procrastination. I don’t agree, and here’s why: medium.com/personal-productivity/a0a2ecce6c91


    A 10-week course

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  11. Tell me about the things I don’t expect

    When I think about Kazakhstan this is the last image I would expect.

    A lot of struggling brands probably have the asme problem. They have something wonderful, unexpected but hidden about them that they aren’t telling anyone about.

    Probably because they’re too busy telling everyone that they’re a buzzword, or what they think people want to know about them.

    What’s unexpected about your brand?


    Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

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  13. Science is golden


    Graphic designer from India Kapil Bhagat invented a series of minimalist posters about scientists and their discoveries Via

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  15. A thousand times yes.


    A really good spot from Red Lion in Toronto.

    After you look at the spot, check out the website, which is a textbook example of how to make a concept come to life online.

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  17. We interrupt our usual ad blog to bring you what could be the best dress in the world



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  19. Public Awareness vs. Belligerent Morons

    As a cyclist who has been hit by three cars fairly severely (severe enough for my wife to ban me from riding on the road at any rate) this campaign has particular significance to me.

    The sadness of this insight is that there are a few drivers, especially in Australia but presumably in Brazil also, that do treat cyclists as sport to swear at, throw things at and just try to scare.

    I’ve said it before though, sometimes your target audience are too fucking stupid to get the message. People who think cyclists don’t belong on the road belong to that category.

    I’m sure that unfortunately the target audience - the hunters - would most likely respond “If they don’t want to get run over they should keep off MY ROAD”, or some other puerile drivel.


    Every day, more and more cyclists are being killed in Brazilian streets and roads. Let’s respect the cyclists. Let’s stop hunting.

    Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Via

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