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    Custom Indian

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    A really nice student idea.

    Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
    Art Director: Sean Hodes
    Copywriter: Carlos Weil
    Instructor: Alex Ohannessian

    Source: Ads of the World

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    Where do birds go?

    Find something universal, something we can all relate to, and build on that.

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  9. Predatory thinking

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    If they’d avoided the temptation to show an iPad at the end this would have been more engaging, and therefore more entertaining. AND… Therefore more memorable and thus effective. It would have just left enough room for the viewer to fill in the blanks.

    When you fill in a blank you have engaged. Far more so than when you Like something.

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    Sometimes the appropriate amount of insanity is the only thing that can keep you sane.

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    Who’s Alex?

    Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.

    Wonderful insight put to good use

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    From 2006: A series of mini size, but extremely tough crosswords appeared every tuesday in the paper to dramatize the small but tough positioning of the Polo

    Agency: DDB, London Via

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