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  3. People tell the truth eventually

    Many moons ago I was working on another auto account. I sent out a survey to owners and among that was a question about what people look for in a car. They could rank the responses.

    Most people responded with something sensible for #1. Fuel efficient or safe; in other words the things we are supposed to say. These were the things that are just the price of admission for an auto maker these days.

    The really interesting stuff came out in what people rated #2. Fun to drive. More than half of respondents said they wanted something that was fun as their number 2 priority. Around 20% were actually honest and said they wanted a fun car first.

    When you peel off the bullshit we don’t want a safe, fuel efficient car. These days we just expect it to be those things.

    What we want is fun.

    So, in my opinion, this is conceptually very strong.

    I don’t live in a city. I drive an old ute that is neither safe nor fuel efficient but this car looks like it would be massive amounts of fun. If I ever do move to a city, and need something next the ute in the driveway, the Renault Twingo is certainly going to be on my list. 


    This film isn’t super-strong conceptually, but the quality of the animation more than makes up for that.

    Source: Ads of the World

    Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
    Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
    Creative Director 360°: Christophe Perruchas
    Art Director: Pascale Gayraud
    Copywriter: Fabrice Dubois
    Art Director assisting: Agathe Bailly
    Account managers: Patrick Lara, Claire Roy Thermes, Jessy Teboul, Hélène Duvoux-Mauguet
    Graphic universe and realization: Kuntzel+Deygas
    Production company: Add a dog
    TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Nathalie Levincent / Prodigious
    Legal & business affairs: Carlos Serrano, Elodie Siliart
    Released: August 2014

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  5. You’re probably getting sick of me saying this, but…

    "That’s so obvious. Why didn’t I think of that?!"

    Advertising Holy Grail.

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    Wow. Ogilvy Argentina puts real totalled cars on billboards for a safe driving campaign. Doesn’t get realer than this people. Genius


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  9. Lying is different from bullshit.

    When you lie, you know what the truth is but you intentionally misrepresent it. In a way bullshit is more insidious because people who bullshit often don’t know what the truth is and don’t care.

    They’re out to make a point; they’re out to sell you an idea; and they really don’t care whether what they are saying is true or not.
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    — The Golden Age of Bullshit by Bob Hoffman (via re-brand)

    (Source: hum4nbehavi0r)


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    アプリで作成( *^艸^)♬*゜

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    “Now with Eucalyptus.”

    Agency: JayGrey Sydney, Australia

    Another “So simple. Why didn’t I think of it”.

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    Listen to George Lois.

    Always be selling.

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    Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s creative philosophy can fit on a pencil.

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    There was a time when ad people could knowingly or unknowingly recycle an idea from the past. Today, the Internet will call you out. This is sometimes unfair, because so many of the ads we see online are scams.

    The top ad is from Gode, Turkey (2014)

    The middle ad was done by Bates in China (2001)

    The bottom ad is from Markom/Leo Burnett in Turkey (2007)

    Source: Ads of the World

    The thing is, Joe Consumer doesn’t religiously follow the trade press.

    D. Ogilvy had a thing about two housewives where one says “I would have bought that soap if only the body copy hadn’t been set in 10pt Garamond”

    I suppose here the corollary is “I would have bought that mascara if only I hadn’t seen the same concept 13 years ago in AdWeek.”

    We need to get over ourselves. I’m reluctant to say nothing is new… But very little is.

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